E.1. Ɣef yisemli-a

Awfus-a innulfa-d i usbeddi n debian Sarge, yebna ɣef uwfus n usbeddi Woody i tḍebsiyin n usenker, i yebnan ɣef yiwfusen iqdimen n usbeddi n Debian, d uwfus n tussa Progeny i d-yeffɣen ddaw GPL deg 2003.

Isemli-a yettwaru s DocBook XML. Imasalen n tuffɣa ttwasirwen-d sɣur wahilen yemgaraden s useqdec n yikemmusen docbook-xml d docbook-xsl.

In order to increase the maintainability of this document, we use a number of XML features, such as entities and profiling attributes. These play a role akin to variables and conditionals in programming languages. The XML source to this document contains information for each different architecture — profiling attributes are used to isolate certain bits of text as architecture-specific.