E.2. 幫助本文件

If you have problems or suggestions regarding this document, you should probably submit them as a bug report against the package installation-guide. See the reportbug package or read the online documentation of the Debian Bug Tracking System. It would be nice if you could check the open bugs against installation-guide to see whether your problem has already been reported. If so, you can supply additional corroboration or helpful information to , where XXXX is the number for the already-reported bug.

更佳的途徑是取得一份本文件的 DocBook 原始文件,並且製作一個補丁。DocBook 的 原始文件位於 installation-guide project on salsa。如果您不熟悉 DocBook,別發愁:在 manuals 目錄下有一個簡單的 cheatsheet 文件 可以幫您開始。它像 html 文件,但更側重於文字的含義而不是示範。歡迎將補丁發送到 debian-boot 郵件論壇(見下)。關於如何從 SVN 提出(check out)原始文件,請參考原始文件目錄中的 README

直接聯繫本文件的作者。還有一個關於 debian-installer 的通信論壇,它包含本手冊的討論。這個通信論壇是 。訂閱此通信論壇的說明在 Debian Mailing List Subscription 網頁﹔您也可以線上瀏覽 Debian Mailing List Archives